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Did You Hear about National Public Lands Day?

National Public Lands Day 2011 was great success! The program attracted more than 180,000 volunteers across all 50 states in support of our nation’s public lands, and I was able to help generate more media attention and social media activity for the program than the year before.

This was my second year providing media support for NPLD, and I’m proud of the growth in both the quality and quantity of media coverage. We conducted a successful media interview with The Weather Channel – live, via Skype, from a park, via a laptop with wireless Internet. That was a first for me, but as you can see, it worked beautifully!


Some other high points in media coverage this year include:

  1. Not one, but two, TV spots in New York City, the top media market in the United States: NY1 – Volunteers Help Tend Pouch Camp’s Green and Telemundo’s T47 -Día nacional de las tierras públicas

  2. A post on – Giving back to America’s public lands

  3. A national radio interview with Tavis Smiley (thanks to a great partnership with Sonshine Communications)

  4. Pick up by a large number of hyper-local news sites, like this one.

  5. A blog post by Washington DC meteorologists on the local ABC affiliate

This was the year for NPLD on social media. We grew their fans/followers on Facebook and Twitter, had more people tag NPLD in their posts and tweets and saw more photos and videos shared than ever before. Visit their social networks and run some searches to see some examples of our success this year.

I conducted social media trainings for the site managers across the country. We were able to hold two trainings this year – one for managers who were new to using social networks for their parks and/or for NPLD, and another for managers who wanted some more advanced tips for growing and engaging their audiences. The site managers and their teams did a great job!

This year, Living Social featured NPLD as one of their “365 Things to Do” in about 60 cities around the country. Users saw a note about NPLD in their daily email and online. The day NPLD was featured on Living Social was also the day we saw the biggest spike in website traffic!

Great job by the whole team!

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