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Social Media for Business

  1. People are not taking advantage of LinkedIn’s professional headline. Anyone can find out your current job title by viewing your profile, but they are more likely to view your profile if you have an informative headline. Tell people what you do!

  2. Someone has coined the “3×3 technique.” Spend 3 minutes reviewing LinkedIn before a meeting and you’ll find 3 things to discuss: people you know in common, skills you share, cities you’ve lived in/schools attended, new business wins, etc. No need to talk about the weather after you’ve spent a few minutes reviewing LinkedIn profiles (personal and corporate)!

  3. People are not connected to their co-workers. You can grow your LinkedIn network quickly by simply connecting with all of your co-workers. This quick step (view your company’s LinkedIn page and click on “# Employees on LinkedIn” to see the list) will instantly add to your reach on the social network for business.

We also touched on Facebook and Twitter, but I advised (and the client agreed) they should spend their time getting their team up-to-speed and using LinkedIn daily. It’s an amazing business tool!

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